a milestone, of sorts

I’ve had “get your web shit together” on my todo list for several months. This weekend, I finally checked a whole bunch of stuff off my TODO list:

  • I rebuilt the Linode host I’ve had for over 11 years. Based on the notes in the account, I’d last done this back in 2015. Feels good to just sweep the decks clean and start from scratch. No more abandoned software installs, no more crufty leftover exim mail server. Yay, that new server smell.
  • As part of that server refresh, I switched from Apache to Nginx, which meant learning Nginx. Yay, learning things.
  • I also (finally) set up Let’s Encrypt on all the sites hosted on that server. Yay, HTTPS everywhere.
  • I gave up on having distinct sites on my .org, .com, and .net domains, and just set up the latter two to redirect to the former. All the www. versions redirect to the bare domain too, because having www. in front of your website in 2020 is a little silly, I think. Yay for less silly.
  • I set up redirects so any old genehack.org links that point to old blog posts will end up on this site. Maybe cool URIs don’t change, but at the very least, the old URIs will keep working. Yay for old crap that’s still working.
  • Both Hack Salem and SalemTech.Community have nice “coming soon” landing pages now. Yay, additional projects to replace the ones I completed.
  • Finally, last but not least, sartakulo.us is also now all shiny and HTTPS aware too. Yay, joke domains.

All that, and I did yard work! Quite the exciting Sunday 'round these parts…