Menus for the week of 12 Nov 2023

12 nov 2023

Last week, I posted my planned menu for the week on Mastodon, and then followed up with some photos of the different dishes. Folks seemed to enjoy it, so I thought I’d see if I can’t make this a little bit of a recurring thing – but also do it here on the blog, and link to the recipes, instead of duplicating the same content across a bunch of social sites (and then link from the sites back to here, POSSE style…)

So, here’s this week’s planned menu:

kicking the tires

19 jun 2023

so, it’s been a bit, eh?

once again, i’m feeling the urge to start doing some public writing. currently unsure whether that’s going to express itself here, or over on, or somewhere else; if it ends up being here, i‘m not sure what i’d write about, as my current non-work activities are …scant.

hell, maybe i’ll start updating again and see if that scratches the itch…

anyway, while i figure out what it is i’m gonna be doing, i figured i would spend part of a holiday monday getting dependencies updated, making sure my deploy toolchain is still working, and so on. if you’re reading this, everything is working.

a new chapter starts!

31 oct 2020

Goodbye Infinity
Farewell, Infinity

After over eight years, I must now make the bitter sweet announcement that yesterday was my last day at Infinity. It was an incredible ride, full of stuff that I’m super proud to have been a part of accomplishing. I’m always going to be grateful for the opportunities that working at Infinity gave me, and all the stuff I learned while working there. I’m gonna miss …well, let’s just say, I’m gonna miss a lot, but especially the incredibly smart and talented folks I was fortunate enough to work alongside during my time there.

My Infinity laptop
My Infinity laptop (I need to desticker this now...)

I am also exceptionally excited to announce that I’m joining Opentrons, to lead a team of developers working on the laboratory information management system powering PRL.NYC, a COVID testing facility in New York. I’ve already been working with them for a few months on contract from Infinity, so I expect my transition is going to be pretty smooth.

(And yeah, we’re hiring — Node, Typescript, Vue, AWS, Terraform. Sound interesting? Holla back.)

web-mode + eglot + Vetur + Vue.js = happy

30 aug 2020

Recently, I’ve been writing code for a work project that involves a Vue.js front end, written in a mix of JavaScript and TypeScript, along with a backend API that’s completely TypeScript. My emacs config gave me great tooling when I was working on the API, but support for the front end code felt really lacking in comparison. Yesterday, thanks to a lucky discovery, I solved this. I’m really happy about it!

…read on for what i found

Project FOAMY

16 jul 2020

I recently read “Every Tool’s A Hammer”, Adam Savage’s autobiography. In chapter ten, he talks about his hatred of drawers, and then devotes some time to how he makes custom drawer organizers from foamcore.

Now, I’ve long had a mixed relationship with my drawers (ahem.) I don’t have the same “out of sight out of mind” issue that Savage describes in his book, but I’ve long hated how things in drawers won’t stay put. I’ve tried using in-drawer organizers, but that just moved the problem to a different level: stuff would stay inside the organizers, but the organizers themselves would still slip and slide when the drawer was opened or closed.

…read on for the solution