about that image you’re seeing everywhere

6 apr 2020

This blog still isn’t dead yet, but in these troubled times, most of the tiny amount of focus I can bring to bear on writing is going towards maintaining covid.house, my new plague times journal.

When I was looking for images to use on that site, particularly for the favicon and the images used in social media site sharing cards, I did an image search for copyright-free coronavirus pictures, and hit what is probably by now an instantly-recognizable icon.

Until I was reading this Kottke post the other day, I hadn’t thought about that the reason the image is copyright-free is because it was made by the CDC…

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proof of life

25 mar 2020

hey! like (hopefully…) everybody who is able to, we’ve pretty well hunkered down and are planning to continue our hunkeration until further notice. unsurprisingly, focus and concentration are at a premium, so i’ve been neglecting this site a bit in favor of the bird site — a bad habit, really, but whaddyagonna do.

a couple weekends back — in, as i’ve taken to saying, The Before Times — i finally finished porting all the old blog content i still had over to this site. you can see all 22 glorious years on the archive page, should you want to. quite a lot of broken links and a few missing images in those posts, but at least the content is there. i’m marking it as a “W” and moving on.

finally, while the blogging urge hasn’t been present, the “you should be journaling this so you remember how fucked up it was” impulse is strong, my friends, strong. i have laid the first stone in the foundation of a thing to help with that. hopefully more there soon.

stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy. talk to you soon.

dvorak feels

10 mar 2020

I’ve been typing on a Dvorak keyboard layout since at least April of 1999 — pretty sure I switched a bit earlier than that, even, but that’s the oldest blog entry I still have that mentions it.

That’s a whole lot of years, and friends, in that entire time, I have never had an actual Dvorak keyboard. I’ve had tons of keyboards that were set to a Dvorak layout, but that was always done at the operating system layer, or via some other remapping layer. (Amusingly, all the really old posts on this blog about Dvorak are mostly me bitching about getting keymaps to work right…)

As you might guess, based on that foreshadowing, this has changed now …because a couple weeks back, I got some good mail. Yep, Dvorak keycaps for my keyboard.io Model 01. Look at how lovely these are:

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a milestone, of sorts

8 mar 2020

I’ve had “get your web shit together” on my todo list for several months. This weekend, I finally checked a whole bunch of stuff off my TODO list:

All that, and I did yard work! Quite the exciting Sunday 'round these parts…

spanish love songs

4 mar 2020

Cover of 'Brave Faces Everyone' by Spanish Love Songs

From the opening verse of “Routine Pain” (“on any given day I’m a 6 of 10”) to the closing singsong chorus of the titular song “Brave Faces, Everyone”, the new album from Spanish Love Songs is chock-full of amazing songs.

The album is also the answer to the previously-unasked question, “What if The Menzingers but with, like, really depressing lyrics”, so I should probably slap a content warning on any recommendation: the album contains lyrics about depression, suicide, drug use, unemployment, homelessness, and general existential despair. But also killer fucking guitars, so it balances out? Just don’t leave it on repeat for too long.

Literally every song on the album is great, but “Losers” is possibly my favorite. The closing verse is just perfect:

Haven’t we faced enough
To know this is how it goes?
We’re mediocre. We’re losers.

but the chorus also gives you a feeling for what I’m saying with that content warning above:

My bleak mind says “it’s cheaper just to die.”
And the prick inside my head’s laid off and daring me to try.
My bleak mind says “this is all you get.
Hoping all this time but all you’ll find is
It gets harder, doesn’t it?”

Check out the video for “Losers”: