(published february 8th, 2020)

Changing the browser-sync port in 11ty

Quick little tip, because I just had to figure it out by looking at three different sites and synthesizing information across them, and maybe I can save somebody else the trouble…

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(published january 31st, 2020)

Morning thoughts

Starting off the morning reading Minimalism — The most undervalued development skill and thinking about similaries to This is a motherfucking website. while I sip on a second coffee.

How’s your Friday shaping up?

(published january 18th, 2020)

northwest tech show

last week, i was on the northwest tech show, which is a weekly show on our community radio station. They also tape the recording so it can be aired later on CCTV, and post that to youtube. if you’d like to watch that video, look under the “read more” link

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(published january 12th, 2020)


tweaks i got done to the blog today:

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(published january 6th, 2020)

scarequote posole

Earlier tonight I posted on Twitter about what we had for dinner — a dish I described as “posole”, with intentional scarequotes. The explanation for why those quotes are there is just a bit too long for Twitter and HOLY CRAP I HAVE A BLOG AGAIN, so let’s go!

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