new digs

You might have noticed, if you’re looking at the actual site and not reading this via a feed reader (and, frankly, if you’re reading this you’re probably looking at the site, because the feeds are totally eff’d at the moment…) that there’s a new design up. That’s merely the most visible of a number of changes that just got put into place here:

  • I moved the site’s hosting from DreamHost to a VPS hosted by linode

  • I moved the site’s content from WordPress to a home-grown “run stuff through Markdown and templates to make a bunch of static HTML files” system

  • There’s no longer a commenting system. In the ~7 years this weblog has had some sort of commenting system, I think I’ve gotten maybe 20 comments that were worthwhile … and about 30895203945809184 attempts to post spam.

    This is in marked contrast to the “good olde days”, pre-comment systems, where there were lots of meaningful, interesting, and valuable blog-to-blog conversations. I’d like to see that sort of interaction make a comeback, so no more comments on this site.

    Here shortly there will be a comment form put up, but it’s going to be a form2mail sort of thing. If you want to comment on something here, put up a post on your own weblog and then mail me a link to that.

  • There’s probably a boat load of broken stuff – this move was a bit more rushed than I would have liked, due to a need to get off the DreamHost server before another six-month billing cycle rolled around. So I’ve pulled the trigger a bit early, and like most software development, I’m still building the plane as we taxi out towards the runway. If you notice something that’s particularly annoying, feel free to IM, mail, tweet, Facebook, or dispatch a singing telegram, whichever seems most convenient for you at the time.

  • It feels good to get back into this.