colophon is generated with the eleventy static site generator. most of the time, the text content is edited in emacs. photos are generally taken with an iphone and minimally post-processed with command-line utilities.

the body font used on this site is lato; the title in the header is displayed in indie flower.

the css in the initial launch was heavily influnced by “58 bytes of css to look great nearly everywhere” as well as the various mother fucking web sites mentioned in the HN discussion linked in the original article.

work on the initial version of the site was fueled by the desparate need to get something pushed out in the world before the end of 2019, an ever-growing desire to start hosting my own words and images again, and more NYE pizza than was probably wise.


Brian Wisti’s article on h-entry microformats was a critical impetus in adding additional microformats to my posts on 26 apr 2020.

Cam (of the now-defunct Camworld) and Dave Winer of provided examples that resulting in me becoming a 'blogging regular.

Dan, Wes Felter (of the now-defunct “Hack The Planet”), and Brig Eaton of EatonWeb have influenced my design and content in many large and small ways, directly and by example. Thanks!

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