Project FOAMY

I recently read “Every Tool’s A Hammer”, Adam Savage’s autobiography. In chapter ten, he talks about his hatred of drawers, and then devotes some time to how he makes custom drawer organizers from foamcore.

Now, I’ve long had a mixed relationship with my drawers (ahem.) I don’t have the same “out of sight out of mind” issue that Savage describes in his book, but I’ve long hated how things in drawers won’t stay put. I’ve tried using in-drawer organizers, but that just moved the problem to a different level: stuff would stay inside the organizers, but the organizers themselves would still slip and slide when the drawer was opened or closed.

I had actually been thinking of gluing the organizers down, or lining the drawer bottoms with a non-slip material, so I got pretty excited about the foamcore idea. A few Amazon orders and some hot glue burns later, and boom! Custom drawer organizer.

a foamcore drawer organizer after being built but before it was deployed the foamcore organizer placed in the drawer and filled with tools
Project FOAMY, round one!

I’ve gone on to build three more and am starting in on the kitchen drawers next! Not the pandemic hobby I expected to develop, but there ya go.