introducing eleventy-plugin-json-feed

JSON Feed icon
JSON Feed icon

JSON Feed is a relatively new syndication format, similar to RSS or Atom — but where those two formats are based on XML, JSON Feed is based on …JSON.

Most major feed readers have added support for JSON Feed, and as you can see on the “code” page on the JSON Feed site, there are tons of plugins available for various languages and blogging systems. However, there wasn’t one for Eleventy …until now.

Over the last day or so, I wrote and released eleventy-plugin-json-feed, making it super easy to add a JSON Feed to your Eleventy-generated blog. I tried to make sure it would only generate connect feeds, by validating all the inputs to make sure they confirm to the JSON Feed spec. I’d appreciate hearing any feedback any of y’all have, if you should try to use it.

(You may notice this site is sporting a new icon in the header as well. If you happen to subscribe via JSON feed, holler if you notice any issues…)