proof of life

hey! like (hopefully…) everybody who is able to, we’ve pretty well hunkered down and are planning to continue our hunkeration until further notice. unsurprisingly, focus and concentration are at a premium, so i’ve been neglecting this site a bit in favor of the bird site — a bad habit, really, but whaddyagonna do.

a couple weekends back — in, as i’ve taken to saying, The Before Times — i finally finished porting all the old blog content i still had over to this site. you can see all 22 glorious years on the archive page, should you want to. quite a lot of broken links and a few missing images in those posts, but at least the content is there. i’m marking it as a “W” and moving on.

finally, while the blogging urge hasn’t been present, the “you should be journaling this so you remember how fucked up it was” impulse is strong, my friends, strong. i have laid the first stone in the foundation of a thing to help with that. hopefully more there soon.

stay safe, stay sane, stay healthy. talk to you soon.