screw it, we’ll build it in prod

once upon a time, i used to run a weblog. one of the earliest weblogs, actually — i started back when we weren’t really sure what a weblog even was, or what they were going to be. we were just really excited about making things and putting them up on the web and linking to cool stuff and each others’ thoughts about cool stuff. it was a fun period.

over time, the amount i wrote on my blog dwindled. some of that was due to life changes — having an actual job, as opposed to being in gradual school, turned out to take up a whole lot more of my time. having kids doubled down on that …and then eventually, i just sort of fell out of the habit. the software bitrotted, and trying to post anything turned into first solving problems in software archeology to even get to the point where posting was a possibility.

in the meantime, twitter happened. twitter is very appealing to me — i’ve described it as like being at a cocktail party with the entire internet, without having to actually be around people. introvert heaven. i’ve been on that site for over 12 years and almost 130,000 tweets.

one of the things i’d like to accomplish in 2020 is to work on habits and tools that make it easier and more natural for me to hold on to the content i create, to host it on sites i create, and if i decide i want to share it out to other places, to do so in such a way that helps people find their way back to my web site. (tl;dr - i wanna bring the party home, or, in other words indieweb ho!)

i haven’t gotten as far with this effort as i wanted to at this point — and really, if that isn’t the story of my 2019, i’m not sure what is — but i swore a mighty oath to myself that i’d get something up on this goddam domain (which i’ve owned since twenty-what-even-the-hell-sixteen) by the end of this year, so i’m pushing this out tonight, even though things are still very much a work in progress.

things to try to accomplish before “normal life” resumes on the 6th:

  • getting code syntax highlighting working
  • write the post i’ve got in my head about how i used terraform to automate setting up this site
  • continue to refine the site design — what’s here is fiiiine but…
  • migrate content from and various other little microblog sites into this one
  • hook up some indieweb mention and syndication stuff
  • convert into my indieweb home page
  • maybe make a now page?

boy, that’s a long list, isn’t it?

happy new year, y’all. here’s to 2020 being better.