(published april 10th, 2016)

Week of 10 Apr: review & plans

Hi there. Remember me? I was posting here, every so often, talking about plans and what I’d gotten done and stuff?

So, yeah, kinda fell off the wagon there. Big props to Shawn for yelling at me for not doing these updates – much <3 and appreciation. The combination of a weeks vacation for the kids spring break, followed by 3 days of business travel and then 2 days of illness, pretty much have destroyed any semblance of a routine I had going. Given that I’m traveling again at the end of this week, to speak at the DC-Baltimore Perl Workshop, I’m refraining from getting to deep into goal setting right now.

Let’s look at the explicit goals I set the last time I updated, a month ago:

So, yeah, more travel at the end of this week means I’m gonna have a fairly modest set of goals for this week, because really I need to get back into the habit of wins more than anything. So, goals:

Hope everybody is having a more productive time of things than I am, and see you all next week.