Today was a really good day

It really was just an off-the-hook awesome day for me (not braggin’, just sharin’…)

  • We got new gutters installed on the house, fixing several “waterfall” issues that have been present since before we moved in
  • The flooring was installed in my new office (and the wall paint was finished later in the day – pictures of that tomorrow!) The contractor has been working on the office since not too long after we moved in, and it’s been a series of (understandable, but still) one micro-delay after another. It’s super gratifying to see things getting close to complete and to realize that I’ll likely be working from there within the month
  • My new monitor was delivered and it is sooooooooooo big and beautiful and OMG this monitor y’all! If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.
  • I gave a (I hope!) well-received talk on Swift at Hack Salem. It was a lot of fun to give, and I got to plug an awesome book some friends have written. Really looking forward to doing some actual coding in Swift
  • I had several really awesome conversations with friends and coworkers about various things – some important, some kinda mundane. Not going to go into details here, but I’ve got a lot of people in my life right now that keep making me happy and humbled to just be able to hang out with them and share thoughts and experiences. <3 to y’all

So, yeah. My life is pretty good even on a bad day (perspective, yo), and today was one of those days where pretty much everything lines up on the ‘grrrrrreat!’ side of the scale and it’s almost overwhelmingly incredible in its awesomeness. I hope you have one of these types of days soon!

(I’m up much later than I should be, so tomorrow is probably going to be significantly less great as a result but that’s okay too…)