Week of 7 Feb: review

Late again, late again, jiggity jig. I could blame this on the three day weekend but given that I should have had this done on Sunday before the holiday day, that would be … less than true. Really, I continue to suck at the “review stuff and write goal post” portion of my routine.

Everything else, at least routine-wise, seems to be falling into place. Looking back at the week, however, I’m not sure how much else I actually really did. Let’s see, shall we.

  • Be more intentional: See above – the routine continues to gel. Not sure my day-to-day stuff got anymore connected to the long term. I think this is a solid ‘C’

  • Re-develop exercise routine: Finished week 3 of C25K and did 3 days of bodyweight stuff too. Clear ‘A’ week on this one.

  • Speak at 3 events: Three weeks running: “CFPs submitted to this week: big fat zero. Grade: ‘F’” double sigh

  • Revive my blog and make at least 2 posts / month: No posts, no progress on the conversion. ‘F-’

  • Learn C# and Swift: Still in a holding pattern on this one. The work project divestment took a bit longer than planned but I’m fully clear now. Grade? Incomplete.

  • Fix up landscaping on front and west side of the new house: Still in a weather-related holding pattern on this one… Grade: N/A.

  • Build brick path from back door to office door: Ditto – but still more office progress, which is a good sign.Grade: N/A.

  • Host one dinner party a month: Talked with TheWife and decided to punt on this until the office work is complete and we have something to show off. Rationalization? Perhaps, but we’re gonna call this one an N/A too.

  • Cool thing I heard last week: Amazeballs New Order cover - Age Of Consent by Geographer

See you next week. If I haven’t posted something by Sunday 10pm PT, send out the ninja SWAT team to smack me around