Week of 31 Jan: review

Yes, yes, I’m pushing a whole day late on this one – and none of you called me on it! Jeez, folks, the whole point of doing this performance in public thing is you giving me shit when I’m late. It’s like you don’t even appreciate what I’m doing for you here.

Um, anyway. This week felt a good bit more settled and productive, but I don’t know that I ended up getting that much more done. I do feel a bit more settled into my routines and the new habits I’m trying to cultivate. I think the thing I’m going to be working on next is making sure there’s a clear connection between the day-to-day TODO items that I’m trying to check off and the bigger weekly/monthly/yearly goals that I’m (theoretically, at least) working towards.

So, about those goals:

  • Be more intentional: See above – the routine is firming up; the connection between the day-to-day and longer term is lacking. Didn’t get squat done on any of the automation stuff either. Did intentionally opt out of a direct role in a work project that I’d been helping out on, which is good. Call it a ‘B-’.

  • Re-develop exercise routine: Finished week 2 of C25K and did 3 days of bodyweight stuff too. Clear ‘A’ week on this one.

  • Speak at 3 events: Let’s just re-use the report from last week: “CFPs submitted to this week: big fat zero. Grade: ‘F’” sigh

  • Revive my blog and make at least 2 posts / month: I did a tiny amount of work on the “port to another blog platform” sub-project, but no posts. Middle of the road ‘D’ there.

  • Learn C# and Swift: Again, repeating last week: “No C# progress. Read more about Swift, but haven’t gotten to the point of writing any real code yet. Grade: ‘C-’.” The good news here is, divesting myself of that work project frees up some cycles for this one.

  • Fix up landscaping on front and west side of the new house: Still in a weather-related holding pattern on this one… Grade: N/A.

  • Build brick path from back door to office door: Ditto – but still more office progress, which is a good sign.Grade: N/A.

  • Host one dinner party a month: Zero progress on identifying invitees. Grade: ‘F’

  • Cool thing I heard last week: Another Spotify new music playlist discovery, Palisade, by Mineral. At first I was convinced this was a new Sunny Day Real Estate track. But no, it’s a different band, that broke up going on 20 years ago. Have I mentioned I’m really enjoying Spotify? Because it’s totally proving to be worth the money. I apologize to all of you that I’ve scoffed at in the past when you’ve raved about it – I was totally wrong!

As always, thanks for reading. See you next week if not sooner.