Happy 2016!

Now that I’m on the other side of my company’s annual summit/retreat/gathering, it’s starting to feel like the new year is really underway. I’ve been spending some time thinking about goals (as one does), and I’ve spent what feels like a huge chunk of the last year (the parts that weren’t filled with cancer and surgery and stuff, anyway) thinking about accountability and how I can do a better job of getting myself to do the things I’d like to do, instead of the stuff that seems to end up filling my days.

So, here we are. I’m going to list out some 2016 goals now (which I totally reserve the right to change, of course), and I’m also announcing my intention to do end-of-week posts (inspired by the series currently running on my friend’s site at mackenab.com.

Please feel free to smack me around if you see me doing stuff that seems like it’s not contributing to one of these goals, or if I start slacking off on the end-of-week roundup posts.

Current 2016 goal list:

  • Be more intentional and deliberate in what I’m doing
  • Re-develop regular exercise routine
  • Speak at 3 events
  • Revive my blog and make at least 2 posts / month (halfway there!)
  • Learn C# and Swift
  • Fix up landscaping on front and west side of the new house
  • Build brick path from back door to office door
  • Host one dinner party a month