Reaching the top...

The past few weeks have, most of the time, felt like the initial part of a rollercoaster ride – a rollercoaster you’ve never ridden before. Just sitting there, strapped down, no real control or ability to alter what’s going to happen, not really sure what is going to happen, just waiting, anticipating, as the car makes that long slow climb up to the top of the first drop.

Not really my favorite part of the ride.

Fortunately(?), that’s about over. After I post this, I’m going to go take my shower with the special anti-bacterial soap. I’m going to pack my overnight bag for the hospital. And then I’m going to fidget some more until it’s finally time to leave.

I report to the hospital at 10:45am PT. Last I heard, the operating room was booked from noon until 4pm (and here’s hoping they won’t use it for that whole time!) Not sure what time I might be expected to wake back up, but I would bet it’ll probably be early evening, Pacific Time. (If you’re curious about those times in your time zone, see this link which my crazy internet friends put together.)

Not sure when I’ll be back on the air, but I’m going to pass my phone over to Laura so she can tweet out any updates from my account. So watch @genehack for those updates, or maybe even her account, @mrsgenehack if you want to make sure you don’t miss anything.

I do want to thank everybody that was at YAPC::NA this week for all the support and distraction provided by interacting over Twitter and IRC. I didn’t end up watching that many talks but I’m looking forward to you all providing many distractions during my recovery process.

Special thanks to those of you that bought shirts, and extra special thanks to Stevan Little, Sawyer X, Mark Prather, and Chris “Bosley” Prather for organizing that whole effort.

Okay, just about at the top of the hill, so I should probably finish getting ready now.

(Put your hands up on the way down, that’s more fun!)