As of earlier this afternoon, everybody that needed a 1-on-1 delivery has been talked to, and I’ve been cleared by @MrsGenehack to talk about this more widely. So here’s how our summer just got a whole lot more interesting and chaotic.

First, in the “interesting to me and a few other people, but probably not so much you” category, I’m thrilled to announce that effective Monday, I’m working for Infinity Interactive. I think it’s going to be a whole lot of fun and I’m expecting to learn bunches of new stuff. From external appearances, not a whole lot will change; it’s still a work-from-home programming pants-optional-unless-meeting-clients type of gig, just like the one I’m leaving.

Second, the much bigger news, is that due to a change in @MrsGenehack’s employment – hit her up for details, she’ll share more if she wants to, I’m not going to say more than she has a new job that she’s just as excited about as I am about mine – we’re going to be re-locating to the Salem, OR area, ideally before the start of the school year there (basically the first of September).

We will certainly be seeing all our local friends as much as possible before we leave – amongst other fun things like selling our house, finding some place to live in Salem, and dealing with the logistics of moving stuff, cats, and kinder across the continent – so if you’re a local friend, please bug us about having dinner, getting a drink, seeing a show, or otherwise spending some time together while we’re still in the area.

Not to get overly maudlin’ – still plenty of time for that – but while we’ve loved our time in the DC area (very much more than either of us expected, I think), we’re ready for our next adventure and very grateful to all involved that we’re getting this great chance to kick it off.