Stuff I'm Working On (November 2010)

I was tempted to just wait until the beginning of December, to get back on a “beginning of the month” sort of schedule, but I’m sort of in the mood to write this now and I probably won’t be then, so here we go.

Here’s the last posted list:

  • Finish a re-designed repo manager
  • Finish the FitBit stuff to the point where it can be released to CPAN
  • Finish Couch To 5K

The first item is done – see App-GitGot – and so is the third: I finished C25K (and tweeted about it) on 3 Nov. (I ran 34.37 miles in October!)

I didn’t quite get around to finishing off item #2, but I did release another little piece of utility software: App-MiseEnPlace. It helps manage directory and symlink creation across a set of projects.

Goals for the remainder of the year: