Stuff I'm Working On (October 2010)

Hmm, seemed to have missed the September entry for this… and it’s halfway through October, just about. Ho Hum.

Here’s a truncated version of the August list

  • Update RSS reader
  • Finishing repo manager
  • Work on FitBit module
  • Social networking app
  • BioPerl hacking
  • Reading list tracker
  • Switch to Vim
  • Purge crap around the house
  • Couch To 5K

None of those things are finished; some of them haven’t even really been touched. September, in general, was not a terribly productive month on a personal level.

Here are some (hopefully more modest and therefore more attainable) goals for October:

  • Finish a re-designed repo manager – seeing Ingy talk about aycabtu at PPW helped some ideas to gel, so I’m stealing some stuff from him, and should have something released soon
  • Finish the FitBit stuff to the point where it can be released to CPAN
  • Finish Couch To 5K

And let’s see if having a shorter list of goals results in getting any more of them actually accomplished…