Labor Day dinner

It’s the official end of summer, and it had been a while since we’d had a really nice steak, so I picked up a couple of filets mignons while doing the weekly grocery run today. We were kicking around what else to have with them when Eric Snowdeal posted a cool-looking grilled tomato recipe. A quick run back out for some tomatoes, and we were underway:

Dinner IngredientsDry Rub

On the left, we have the tomatoes, garlic, and steaks; on the right, the dry rub I whipped up. I used essentially this recipe, although I halved the paprika and doubled the cayenne and red pepper (approx.)

Everything grilled up great:

Meat on the grill...Finished tomatoes

The tomatoes were awesome, although 4 full-sized tomatoes to start with was way too much for 2 adults. Two tomatoes would have been about right. Also, the steak grilled up quite nicely, although if I use this particular dry rub again, I’ll cut the salt by at least a half (maybe more). All in all, a good little dinner without too much time or effort…