Some useful Emacs stuff

Some useful stuff I’ve recently added to my Emacs config (which I should really get around to moving to github already…):

  • FlymakeCSS explains how to hook up Flymake with a local copy of the W3C CSS validator to give on-the-fly syntax checking (with color highlighting for errors) for your CSS files. The utility of this isn’t as great as doing the same thing for your code (which Flymake can also do, of course), but it’s pretty cool, and not that hard.

  • Making Emacs Growl explains how to use the ToDoChiKu package to hook Emacs up to the Growl or Snarl notification systems. Again, maybe not the most useful thing ever, but sort of cool to play with.

  • Finally, the AutoIndentation page on the EmacsWiki has a couple of tips about configuring Emacs to correctly and automatically re-indent pasted code. This is extremely useful.

Last but not least, for the Vi(m) users out there, has a very useful short Vi(m) tutorial. Check it out!