once more unto the breach

Yeah, I’m trying to get back on this horse. Again. (I’m not the only one, either…)

If you glance over at the Archives you’ll see that the first post I ever made here was way, way back in September of 1998. I’m not sure this site was a ‘weblog’ at that point, per se – more of a journal cum Changelog, really – but that particular distinction is currently even more academic than it used to be. However you slice it, it means this site is eleven years old this month.

Eleven. Friggin’. Years! Man.

One of my long-term goals has been to get all the different web sites I’ve got unified into some sort of common system or framework, so they’re all updated the same way using the same tools. Part of the plan was that this wunderkammer software would include some sort of support for blogging. That may still happen at some point, but for the moment I’ve thrown in the towel and moved everything to MovableType. There’s still a lot of fixing up to do around the edges – there’s a ~1.5 year chunk of missing posts that I still need to add to the system, posts are tagged incorrectly, I think most of the images didn’t survive the move, little stuff like that – but here we are.

Here we go.

For those of you curious about how close I did get to my goal – I’m reasonably close, I think. Everything involved with the sites is in one big git repo – including all the MT stuff – meaning I can sling copies of it around all over hell and gone and keep them all in sync with a minimum of trouble. With the exception of the MT stuff, everything is handled consistently, with a toolchain that’s 90% Template Toolkit. (The remainder is Markdown and miscellaneous Perl.)

At some point, I’m going to port things over to Melody. There are a couple of semi-serious annoyances I’ve hit with MT4 – the use of Image::Magick for one, lack of batch image uploads for another – and I think the Melody community has the best chance of getting those itches scratched.

Another thing I’d like to do is integrate my FaceySpaceDentTweets into this weblog a bit better – Dan is doing a good job of that, I think. I don’t think the tool I want will be particular hard to roll up; it’s more a matter of figuring out what rules I want about what goes where.

Both of those, however, are a little bit down the road. The current goal is to focus on the blogging, not the blogging software – burn off the accumulated link backlog, stretch some writing muscles, all that good stuff.

Here we go.