but why no comments?

Al3x addresses the “why no comments?” issue a lot more eloquently than I probably would. (via wes.)

I’ve got quite a bit of stuff stashed in my private rubric instance that I’ll be working through now (or at least that’s the plan). Here’s one from the Wayback Machine: f*cking programming – using Google Code Search to find cursing in source code. Just the thing for a slow Friday afternoon…

How I learnt to love Perl sings the praises of Moose:

Moose isn’t just an equaliser to the native OOP systems of the other big dynamic languages - it’s the killer feature. People say that Catalyst is the Ruby on Rails or Django of Perl, but I disagree - Moose is the module bundle that makes Perl relevant again. There are plenty of modules on CPAN that try to make writing classes comparable to the way it’s done in other languages, but the guys behind Moose had bigger ambitions and created something that provides features that no other language matches out of the box. If you had to install something like Moose just to get what other languages offer natively, then why not just use those other languages? That’s why it’s so important that Moose offers so much more.