what i've been doing

Or, since I haven’t made much recent progress at it, “What I’ve been trying to do while doing all the other stuff required by life”: I’m writing my own blog engine/CMS thing. I’m doing this for several reasons. First, it’s partly because I think it’s a fun thing to do and it’s a chance to play around with Perl and web stuff and maybe learn a thing or two. Second, it’s partly because none of the existing tools work as well as some older tools that I can’t really use anymore, due to platform choice or rotten code. Finally, in a big way, it’s because of this talk that Faisal Jawdat gave at the 2007 Pittsburgh Perl Workshop about Bear, which got me to realize that I can write this, and even release it, without it having to be the be-all end-all for everybody. I can do something that works for me and if others find it useful, fine; if they don’t, also fine.

So. It’s called Saguaro. Fairly standard template-based static content generation system, using a modified Markdown and a few other things that I’ll semi-document at some point. Doesn’t all work quite right just yet, no tests to speak of, in general needs quite a bit of work, you know the drill. Lots of my discretionary time will be going towards getting this to a place where it works well enough that I can run this site using it, at which point I’ll start porting all my old content into a form that it can deal with. If everything goes well, I’ll hopefully finish some time this year; we’ll see. There’s anonymous SVN available; holler if you want in and can’t figure out the URL.

See you in a couple weeks.