Dear LazyWeb –

I need a terminal emulator for MacOS X. I’m an Emacs user, and my forearms think that the key immediately to the left of the space bar is the Meta key. One of the frequent key combinations I use is ‘M-Q’, to reflow paragraphs and other text. The silly Mac persists in thinking this keystroke means “quit the current program”.

I used to run and just use xterms. Leopard apparently got the eff’d up juice all over the, so that currently doesn’t seem like a good option. I just quit iTerm for the last time before starting to type this post. I won’t get into the details at the moment, but suffice it to say that it also makes the baby Jesus cry big tears of pain. (Randomly garbling control characters is not an acceptable behavior.)

Is there anything else that’s going to suck less than (Ideally, something that doesn’t involve the phrase “and then I installed Ubuntu”).

Thank you O Great Lazyweb. May your surfing always be free of content filters.