There is no 'try'

For the past couple of years, in the parts of the 'net I frequent, there’s been an undercurrent of “okay, what next?” – most notably in the Flutterby regions, but other places too. Warren Ellis riffs on that same thing in his latest Sunday Hangover column (warning, hosted at, may light up your $ORK’s content-filter firewall something fierce…)

Every corner of the web is blitzed with the light shone by thousands of curational blogs whose job is to parse the internet for their readers. I mean, I hunt for research material all the time and store it on my website, I'm as guilty as anyone. But at some point producing actual content on the web went out of fashion -- almost all of the top one thousand blogs are reportage and linkblogging sites. At some point people have to stop checking to see what happened yesterday and start thinking about tomorrow. And it's that that "alternative culture" comes from -- the drive to do what's next and the impulse to make the sound no-one's heard yet. That's just not where we are right now. We're still suffering exhaustion from the most utterly mad and brain-burning experience in human history -- the Twentieth Century.