Mail-centric tab dump

Mailing List Management Software

I needed to set up some mailing list management software recently. I considered Mailman. JWZ’s Mailman Considered Harmful walked me back away from that and got me pointed towards SmartList. While trying to find out if anybody other than JWZ was actually using SmartList, I ran across an advogato diary from 2003 which got me pointed to Minimalist. Happiness ensued.

A couple other mail-related links

I set up the mailing list software on a new VPS I have at Slicehost (who I highly recommend, by the way). I don’t really have anything terribly important migrated over to that server yet; part of the mixed joy and curse of a VPS is that you end up doing a lot of stuff that gets taken care of for you in a shared hosting environment, and doing that stuff properly takes time. Mail for some of my domains is routing through there now, however, which means that spam is getting routed there too. I was having a fairly bad time of it until I added Postgrey to the mix. At that point the amount of spam making it into inboxes slowed to a trickle – most days, I get none at all and usually what little makes it past Postgrey is flagged by SpamAssassin.

I also wanted some visual check on what the mail server was doing, so I installed Mailgraph. I had to tweak the code a bit to get it to look like I wanted, but eventually I ended up with some nice graphs.