Good weekend

TheWife’s sister was in town for a very brief visit this weekend. The four girls spent Saturday at the zoo, enjoying the lovely brink-of-fall weather, while I did some spray-painting and a purge’n’re-arrange grind on my office, followed by a sort’n’purge in the garage. That latter bit culminated in a “free junque” mail to the neighborhood list; a version minus the stuff already taken is going out on the internal “discussion” list at work today. A trunk load of stuff was dropped off for donation Sunday afternoon; another trunk load will go out some time this week or next weekend at the latest. My office is still a bit of a disaster area, with tons of piles here and there waiting to be sorted through – but there’s a plan as to where everything goes, and I think the end result is going to be more open space and a more productive environment – more mentally “quiet”, lots less stuff clamoring to be looked at. Pictures once I get done, again hopefully by next weekend.

In more “meta” level news, TheOlderChild seems to be settling into and enjoying school. I need to come up with a way to discuss some of that stuff in a more anonymous environment, but in general things are going as well or better than expected. TheYoungerChild started crawling about three weeks ago and is currently trying extremely hard to walk – she pulls up without difficulty, and stands easily as long as she keeps one hand on something. However, she’s not quite up to no-hands standing yet, and she’s got a little scrape over one eye to prove it. It looks like she spent her weekend brawling. (“The first rule of Walk Club is don’t talk about Walk Club.”)

Personal meta: I sent in my PPW registration this morning; that thing is coming up fast. Holla back if you’re going to be there.

Speaking of coming up fast, it’s time to start herding kids towards the car to get them to school…