Early Saturday morning, I got up bright and early and went out for a short bike ride. I had a pretty tight timetable, as I had to be home in time for TheWife to get to a cooking thing she was going to. I figured how much time I had (about two hours) and set my cell phone alarm to go off at somewhat less than half that (45 minutes). Since I had considered grabbing a mini frame pump on the way out the door but decided against it, I of course flatted. It was also, predictably, about 5 minutes before my alarm would have told me to turn around, about 6 miles in to the ride. So I walked back to the car, all 6 miles, in cycling shoes. As of Monday morning, the weird popping noise in my ankles had stopped.

Later on Saturday, while buying some wine and beer at the excellent and highly recommended Chevy Chase Wine and Beverage, I spotted Erik Dellums, probably better known to most of you as “that guy that played Luther Mahoney on Homicide”. He was buying a case of Macallan (or they had re-used a Macallan box to hold what bottles he had purchased).

Sunday I mostly loafed around the house and listened to my ankles make funny popping noises. Occasionally, I would walk up a flight of stairs and then cry for a little bit.

Today, after work, I went for a 25 mile ride with 3 other much more experienced cyclists, which was appropriately humbling. I did make it back alive, however. The bike shop called today to let me know my new bike is ready, so sometime tomorrow I will head over there and pick it up. I also need pedals, shoes, a helmet, some socks, and at least one set of shorts with some padding in them, because my ass is starting to hate me very very much.

How are you?