Twitter tweet

After mentioning it a month-or-so ago, I’m actually twittering semi-regularly, if you’re interested. My theory about the appeal of Twitter? It seems like everybody idealizes some earlier stage of their life – high school, college, grad school, whatever. As a group (and this is a massive generalization, but bear with me), the geek/digerati/hipster crowd tends to idealize their college days and that dorm-life/hang-out/group-of-friends collective experience, where there’s almost always a like-minded individual close to hand regardless of what time of day it is. (After all, what is SXSW or ETech but a repeat of Frosh Week with more money and shinier toys?) Twitter seems to tap into the same sort of communal living vein that dorm life had, where you get a group bonding effect because of the sharing of life’s inevitable minutia rather than any larger commonality.

(I’m not trying to imply there’s anything wrong with idealizing college, or hell, even high school – and obviously I’m using Twitter enough to be thinking and writing about it, so please don’t read any of the above in a negative way. It’s a cool toy, maybe with a limited shelf life, but I’ve been pondering why it seems to be catching on with the groups that it’s catching on with, and this is what popped out of my noggin.)