tab dump // 20070213

Where’s the snow and work cancellation that I ordered?! So hard to get good help these days…

  • Installing Yubnub -- another for the "add to base install of all Firefox instances in my life" list
  • And for the "rainy day" file -- Yubnub/Emacs integration
  • Front-line account of dealing with zero-day telnetd remote root vuln -- nice.
  • Sys::Statistics::Linux -- I've got stuff at work that's dumping 'ps' output into files; this could potentially let it suck less. Or differently, anyway.
  • After holding out for a long time, thinking I'd get around to writing something myself, I gave in and installed Gallery on the house server. It's spiffy.
  • The MBP has arrived at work, and is currently being built. (Hey, that's a bonus to actually going to work today; it might be done. Shiny goodness.)
  • Speaking of work and Macs, I'm getting strong indications that I'm going to need to start actually making use of the organization's Exchange calendaring features Real Soon Now -- is there anything out there that's better than Groupcal for Mac/Exchange interaction and synchronization? Right now, it's looking like Groupcal is probably worth the money, in that it seems to mostly do what I need without too much hassle or suckage...

There’s more, but it’s on the laptop and I’m driving the desktop at the moment. This entry may get updated here shortly…

Update at 0730: Now it’s snowing. So I still have to go to work today, but my commute will be asstastic. Yay.