I’m happy to report that our second daughter, Andrea Soren, was born earlier tonight. Weighing in at a healthy 7 pounds, 11 ounces; measuring 21 inches. Labor took a while to get going, but once things finally got in gear, they moved right along. Mom and TheBaby (which is what I’ll call her around these parts, at least for the next couple of years) are resting; I’m going to turn in too (just as soon as I finish this Scotch…)

I had hoped to get some pictures up, but all the ones on my camera either didn’t come out or feature far too much of my skeevy face to post here. TheOlderChild will meet her sister tomorrow and hopefully some of those pictures will show up here later in the evening.

Major thanks to TheSisterInLaw, NowThis, Medley, and TheOlderChild’sFavoriteTeacher – while we probably could have muddled through this on our own, it was infinitely easier thanks to your presence and help today.

Update: Medley has put up a picture – thanks!