So, last week the whole clan packed up and went to Portland. TheWife had to attend a job-related conference, and TheChild and I tagged along for the ride. We had really good timing in that we were out of town for most of the heatwave – and the weather in Portland was fantastic, even a bit on the cool side in the mornings.

We didn’t actually do much while we there – TheWife had activities for most of the day, and TheChild and I just roamed the streets soaking up the atmosphere – but it was a fun trip nonetheless. Things we noticed about Portland:

  • lots of smokers
  • lots of street/homeless people
  • lots of bikes

I’m pretty sure the average Portland resident is a homeless guy riding a bike and smoking. Actually, not just any bike, but a fixie with moustace handle bars, and not just regular cigs, but a rollup.

TheChild and I did manage to make the Portland Museum of Art – some nice Native American stuff if you’re into that – and the whole family visited Powell’s thrice – twice to the main store and once to the technical annex. Very nice, highly recommended, and a bit overwhelming. (Most entertaining thing about Powell’s? They have “Erotica” shelved right next to “Nautical Fiction”. For some reason this amuses me greatly.)

Other notable things about this trip: I finished three books (Rainbows End, Altered Carbon, and JPod), a good-sized stack of magazines, and the first couple chapters of Programming Ruby. I also found out that I’m on a watchlist – courtesty, no doubt, of my highly unique name.

And now we’re back home. Whee. Pictures coming to Flickr soonish; hating WordPress a bit much to get all fancy with the inlines.

Update: Portland pictures.