The Deluge

We’ve mostly missed the effects of the monsoon that’s been wrecking havoc around these parts lately – trying to drive anywhere has been an exercise in patience-building, a tree in the neighborhood exploded due to a lightening strike, and there are currently two Greens trying to get our front yard classified as a protected wetland area, but other that that it’s been life as usual, only slightly damper.

Unfortunately, that run of good luck ended this morning, thanks to a near-bursting earth dam a few miles upstream of TheChild’s day care – the neighborhood it is in has been evacuated, and TheChild and I are going enjoy a day at home instead of a day at work.

It’s bright and sunny outside at the moment, however, so maybe things will get a chance to drain off and dry out and return to what passes for normal in these parts…

(Added later: Meant to mention that I caught that WTOP link from Medley’s furlstream.)