The coming backlash

Athenae lays it out:

You want to talk backlash? I'll give you a backlash, you paunchy ex-jock hanging out at the Alumni Club afraid some guy is gonna hit on you because he's blinded by your sex appeal and can't see what all the women in the place see: a guy who listens to Springsteen's "Glory Days" and actually gets nostalgic about high school, you fucking kitchen appliance. I'll give you a backlash, you upright churchgoing family of 2.5 and a dog that thinks seeing something that makes you uncomfortable constitutes an intrusion of some sort. You know what? Seeing stuff you don't like is called America, and if you want to start outlawing stuff you don't like, get in line behind me, pal-o-mine because I've got a list of shit that pisses me off that I've been making for years, and every time you mention your goddamn sacrosanct throat and what's getting shoved down it, you move closer to the top. You want to see a backlash? Keep talking.

Preach on, preach on…