cfengine alternative

Something to think about playing around with when I have a lot more time on my hands: BCFG2.

Bcfg2 is software that provides a declarative, proscriptive interface for managing system configurations. It has several key features:

  • All complex specification logic is executed on the server side. This makes the system easy to modify, debug and repair.
  • All architecture-specific functionality is embedded in the Bcfg2 client. This makes server-side specific specification portable between systems.
  • Bcfg2 is designed to be the primary interface between administrators and their systems. To this end, Bcfg2 exposes detailed information about actions taken and their results, and also stores current state information about all client machines. This information is all made available through a series of reports.

Developed at, and in active usage at, LANL. Might fit in the "something like cfengine but less scary" slot that a number of people seem to think needs filling.