personal overclocking considered harmful

This week has not been going at all like I intended. Going into it, I knew it was going to be stressful – TheWife was out of town from Sunday afternoon to Tuesday night for a meeting, which meant that I’d be in single parent mode. Generally not too bad for a day or two, but stressful nonetheless. We’ve also got a number of big things that are starting to ramp up at work this week, and because of the drop-off and pick-up times we have at TheChild’s day care, I end up being limited to six-hour days when I have the Mr. Mom hat on. So I was ready for some frustration (and, to be fair, I was looking forward to hanging out with TheChild too – these things balance out).

What I didn’t count on was coming down with some viral crud. So in addition to the Mr. Mom-ing, I’ve had a two or three degree overtemp for the past several days, and (as a consequence of missing work) am completely off the rails in terms of things I was trying to get done. I’ve also been sleeping rather poorly; I keep having fever dreams which make absolutely no sense, and then I wake up and try to understand them, and just get annoyed.

For whatever reason – the fever, or the missing sleep, or both – I’ve had a persistant “this is what it’s like to be stupid” feeling. My short-term memory is non-existent, I tend to forget where I am in multi-step tasks, and I grow frustrated fairly quickly when I’m forced to think about something for too long. (Feel free to insert your own political joke here.)

The additional hanging out time with TheChild was good, though (although she was probably the source of the viral crud, and seems to have picked it back up from me…) I recently bought a “best of” compilation of the Pixies, which she really likes. She’s particularly taken with “Monkey Gone To Heaven”, and seems to be constantly asking for me to play it on my laptop – and then she sings along. She doesn’t know all the words yet, but she does have the chorus and some of the verses (in particular, “there’s a hole in the sky / and the ground’s not cold” has been getting repeated quite a bit).

The Pixies are also responsible for the funniest thing that TheChild has done recently. It’s important to understand that, because she’s three, there’s a good deal of perfectly age-appropriate body exploration going on. And as I’ve said, she’s quite taken with the Pixies. So while I probably shouldn’t have been surprised the other day when she walked around the corner with her hand shoved down the front of her pants singing the chorus to “Diggin’ For Fire”, I ended up falling off my chair laughing anyway.