hPDA roundup

A couple of hipster PDA mentions that I’ve noticed recently. First, in shark-jumping news, US News & World Report discovers the lifehack “movement”:

Have you heard the term "life hacking"? That's the newest techno jargon, and it means coming up with ways to reclaim your time.

Ironically–and yet aptly–some of the best advice for cutting through digital clutter comes from self-described “geeks.” You know, the folks who got us in this mess in the first place. Many of them have set up websites to disseminate their wisdom.

Second, a columnist from the Great White North says enough already:

If there's a quibble (oh, I'll quibble alright) it's with the site's rallying symbol, the Hipster PDA. Basically any type of paper fixed together through any means (paperclips, staples, very thin rocks), is suddenly cool. And instead of calling it "paper fixed together," it's called "the Hipster PDA"; it's cool like the kid at the comic convention with the Star Trek t-shirt AND the Luke Skywalker lunch box. Enough already - we get that paper is cool.

That was a fairly quick fifteen minutes, all things considered.