the ads are gone

Back in early September, I said I’d figure out what to do about the ads in the sidebar. Kept meaning to write that up, but work got really busy, and the teaching really put a crimp on the spare cycles. I finally ended up pulling them out of the template this morning.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with running the ads per se – I’m firmly in the “if you’ve got PageRank and want to sell it, that’s your lookout” camp on that issue. I just finally realized that, much like I wouldn’t wear a free T-shirt for a product that I didn’t like or use, I don’t want to advertise or plug things I don’t like or use. If it were economically viable for me to have adverts for O’Reilly books, Dogfish Head Brewery, or the Squeezebox, I’d be perfectly okay with taking that advertising dollar. As it is, that’s just not going to happen – so, no more ads here, at least until the economics of the web change quite a bit or I become insanely popular. (ha!)