some katrina updates

Because I suspect/fear that this site may be a significant source of certain types of news for some people, I’m going to repeat a number of things that have appeared pretty widely in certain circles. Those of you who are more plugged in, bear with me.

First up, a correction: the German news report I mentioned the other day, about fake food distribution points, appears to have been (at best) a mistranslation. (via Rafe)

Tom Tomorrow has some interesting observations about the initial federal disaster area declaration and the area it protected. Something seems fishy…

Bush gets asked to sell his ranch to pay for disaster relief.

E&P has a report that FEMA head Brown and DHS head Chertoff were briefed in advance on the hurricane by the National Hurricane Center, including discussion as to the extent of possible damage, including the possibility of the levees being over-topped. Again, that’s in advance of landfall – so the “nobody expected the levees to fail” excuse is, as we say in DC, no longer operative.

Finally, just like over at Breaching the Web, the fact that I’m going to start posting about mundane minutia again doesn’t mean that I’m not pissed to the core about our government’s stunning failure, or frightened for what it means for the future of our grand experiment here. I suspect/hope/fear that the fallout from this disaster is going to be with us for a very long time.