f tivo

We’ve got a first-generation Phillips-branded TiVo that we bought way, way back in the Dark Ages – back when people didn’t really understand what the point was, back when plunking down the cash for the lifetime subscription deal felt like a bit of a risk, because who knew if the company was going be even be around in two months, let alone a year? In that time, I’ve had a TiVo sticker on my car, I’ve praised TiVo to friends and strangers, and I’ve generally been an advocate for the brand. TiVo is repaying my loyalty and support by crippling their new and existing products.

So, buh-bye TiVo. Sticker’s off the car, friends and strangers are going to get told “get anything, just not a TiVo”, and the new TiVo I was planning on getting for the new AV room in the basement is going to be a MythTV box instead. (Anybody in the DC area interested in collaborating on a Linux-based PVR project, give a shout – I suspect this is going to be a significant undertaking and some company on the trip would be nice.)