tour time

So, unless you’re under a rock, you’re aware that this year’s Tour has kicked off. (As I type this, I’m watching the Tivo’d team time trial – say that three times fast.) Things might get a bit lighter around here as discretionary cycles get sucked into TV time (or, given how light they’ve been recently, you might not be able to tell the difference…)

So far, the best written thing about the Tour (that I’ve seen, anyway) has been these opening 'grafs from the WaPo’s Sunday coverage of the second stage:

Dave Zabriskie was 17 years old when his mother drove him to a junior race in Colorado named after cycling icon Lance Armstrong. Zabriskie won that day, but never expected to have a chance to compete against Armstrong, much less best him on a given day.
Lance Armstrong has won the Tour de France six times, but never    expected to have a chance to break the back of one of his most    durable rivals on the first day of the race.

The two American riders made the exceptional seem routine in the    dramatic Tour-opening time trial Saturday, owning it from A to Z.

The coolest tech thing I’ve seen so far: Bobby Julich of CSC is riding with an elliptical chainring – some discussion of that here.

Stone-cold funniest thing to date? The Bob Roll Kinetic trainer commercial. I expect to be stopping the Tivo fast-forward to laugh at this one quite often, and that’s the highest praise I can think of giving a commercial.