new computer in the house

We went out to the Apple store last weekend, to buy a computer for TheChild. There’s been an older Intel desktop in the living room for some time that’s been nominally “hers”, but it was a bit slow and more than a bit noisy and generally just not very convenient to use. Plus I’m still not convinced that the hypothesis that Windows use causes long-term cognitive damage is untrue, and I’d rather not take the chance.

The original plan was to buy a Mini, and recycle the monitor that we were using with the previous system. The original plan was scrapped on encountering the iMac G5 and realizing that the part-time teaching I do at JHU makes me eligible for an educational discount, which lowered the price that critical amount necessary for psychological buy-in.

We also dodged a bit of a bullet: two days after our purchase, Apple announced changes to the Mini line – primarily a bump in the standard RAM, a bump which I would have paid for had we gone with the Mini instead of the G5. I suppose that’s what I get for going in to buy Apple hardware without researching the rumor sites first…