is 'ruthless democrat' an oxymoron?

Billmon says the Dems need to Think Like Michael:

The Dems don’t want to be like Fredo – weak, insecure and eager to earn the good will of people who are inevitably going to be enemies of “the family.” (That’s where too many of them are at now.)

They shouldn’t be like Sonny – impulsive, emotional and a few quarts short of a full crankcase. Shrub is like that and it’s usually what gets him into trouble. (“Bring 'em on!”)

The Dems need to try to be more like Michael – cool, analytical and totally pragmatic. “It’s not personal, Sonny. It’s strictly business.”

I would love to see some of that – Dean, despite the “Sonny” role the media wants to force him into, is providing occasional flashes of it – but there needs to be more. Lots more.