With Medley’s recent “they’re coming for Griswold post still ringing in my ears, I happened across The American Taliban, featuring this gem from Joseph Scheidler of the ‘Pro-Life Action League’:

I would like to outlaw contraception...contraception is disgusting -- people using each other for pleasure.

I agree that rolling back Griswold is on the wish list of the “crazy fundie” segment that the current administration is completely beholden to. My theory is that they’re really primarily after the Pill – or, at least, it’s the Pill that really gets them offended. This may not apply any longer, but back in the 70s and 80s, one frequently mentioned way for women to obtain prescriptions for the Pill was the “painful menstruation excuse”. The idea was you’d complain to your doctor about your painful periods, and he’d prescribe the Pill because one of the effects was a decrease in menstrual output. (I have no idea if this actually worked – the excuse or the purported relief from painful periods – and being male I never had an opportunity to try the excuse or a need to. I do know this was a popular meme about how one could obtain the Pill.)

If you remember your mythology Bible, you know that menstruation is God’s curse on womankind; retribution for Eve’s role in the eating of the Fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Women are supposed so suffer because of that, and the Pill lets them evade God’s punishment – something that seems to drive the hardcore fundie element nuts. (I mean, they really hates them some uppity womenfolk.)

Someday, some dedicated student of psychology and the human condition will figure out why it is that the more into Christianity and Jesus-loving people get, the more they emphasize the Old Testament, pre-Jesus aspects of their religion. It’s never “feed the poor” or “heal the sick” with the hardcore; it’s always “smash the idolaters” and “punish the evil women”. The deepest irony of all is that if the god they profess to worship exists, in the end the most intense punishment of all will be handed out to themselves.