art echoes life

So, in addition to the daily jolt of Tour watching, TheWife and I also started watching season two of The Wire over the holiday weekend. Probably not all that wise, given that we’re not going to have the time to stick with it until the Tour wraps up, and the plot is dense enough to be difficult to remember, but there you are.

Anywhay, there’s a great bit in the second episode. One of the subplots this season involves a conflict between a local union of dockworkers and a mid-level police commander. After a confrontation in which the union leader tells the police captain off (I think he’s a captain), the captain sends around some patrolmen to write petty tickets on the cars of the union members. The union leader comes out with his men and confronts the cop writing the tickets, asking him what the problem is. The cop says, “Look, my boss told me to come out here twice a day and paper these cars. Nothing personal, this is just my job.” The union leader asks him who he works for, and when he hears that it’s the same person he had a screaming match with earlier, says bitterly,“You work for a gapingasshole!”. The cop, climbing into his patrol car, pauses, smiles ruefully, and says, “Actually… several.” and the scene ends.

For some reason, that scene sprang to mind when I read this WaPo headline this morning: Bush Advises Blair Not to Expect Special Treatment at G-8 Summit. Not sure why; it just did.