08 jun 2005

Spent the morning pounding away on the ticketing system, doing the administrative stuff that seems to inevitably pile up. (And I’m happy to spend the couple hours a week it takes to keep the queue tidy, and give other people more time to do the actual work of helping the users.) Spent the afternoon in the usual meeting, which this week included a 45 minute session of me attempting to explain why we wouldn’t be putting 32bit libraries under /usr/lib/ on a 64bit machine. sigh

Home relatively early for some peace, quiet, and relaxation. TheWife and TheChild were down the pool, which probably helped. Ended up finishing the most recent book for our discussion group as a result.

On a totally unrelated note, the spam situation at home is completely out of control, due to a combination of some catchall mailboxes on my domains, spammer scum using said domains in spoofed From: lines, and some slackness in keeping my Bayesian dataset properly trained. Some time this weekend is going to have to be devoted to shifting things around so that I can go back to the blissful days of a clean inbox and a spam folder that bulged with real positives, not false ones.