In the past, when giving talks and lectures, I’ve used a CSS system that I ganked from Jessamyn (that I think she ganked from somebody else, actually, but I’m too lazy to dig out the file just now), and I’ve used a similar-but-more-overly-elaborate thing I crafted out of Template Toolkit and about three gallons of camel spit one evening when I should have been working on a talk. Both those methods involve writing your slides in vaguely HTML-ish text and then using a web browser for presentation.

Today I discovered PerlPoint, which looks like much the same, only more so, in a “this one goes up to eleven” sort of way . Here’s a lecture about it, and here’s the README from the module tarball, in case this sounds interesting to you too.

I had been planning on polishing up my TT+camel spit thing before the BioPerl class this summer, but maybe I’ll look into this instead. (More vaguely-relevant procrastination fodder – rock!)