As mentioned below, TheChild is fighting off some virus that’s laying a bit of a fever on her. This lead, in a roundabout way, to TheWife and I discussing whether it was “feed a cold, starve a fever”, or vice versa. I applied The Google Solution, and found that Google votes for the “feed a cold” form, but only at 3,440 hits to 1,430. That useless bit of trivia is going to be clogging my brain forever, but now I’ve introduced the same brainclog into all of your heads too – haha!

(By the way, The Staight Dope says:

Doctors have been trying to stamp out the above piece of folklore for years. Current medical thinking is that you want to keep an even strain when you're sick with either a cold or a fever, and you certainly don't want to stress your system by stuffing or starving yourself.

so there’s that.)