FeastOnFeeds-002 release

A partial list of changes:

  • Atom support; better RSS parsing
  • Tons of visual tweaks. New “light” CSS file by default; old “dark” file also included
  • Change ‘mark all read’ command so that it leaves ticked items alone
  • Support for per-feed update intervals and item expiration times
  • Fixed a database locking bug (I think)
  • Add an index to the feed table; speeds up the feed list display by 5-10 fold
  • Quite a few other minor things – see the CHANGELOG in the tarball

Here’s some screenshots of the new release:

two column view two column view per-feed preferences per-feed preferences feed image support feed image support

Here’s the FeastOnFeeds-002tarball. Share and enjoy; questions, patches, feedback – genehack@genehack.org.