23 may 2005

Not a great Monday. On the positive side, TheChild went back to school, and seemed to really enjoy getting back to her routine. On the considerably larger minus side, I forgot to take her lunch on my first trip to her preschool, which led to a lot more morning-time dashing around than I had planned for. Due to the extra trip, I was about 10 minutes late to the major planned activity of the day: taking my car into the dealer to get some work done.

I was taking the car in to get a couple of minor things looked at. The first minor thing – a broken hand-brake button – happened a few months ago, and I’ve just been dealing with it. It was annoying, but not obnoxiously so. The other thing – a small, slow transmission fluid leak – was pointed out by my usual oil change guys last weekend when I took the car in for the regular servicing. (It also provided an explanation for that puddle in the driveway…)

So, I sat around in the dealership for about an hour, and got caught up on some reading. Eventually, the service guy motioned me back into his office. He told me that the hand brake thing could be easily and quickly fixed, for about $75. Then he said, “On that transmission thing – man, that’s gonna be a fortune!” (This, by the way, qualifies as a Really Bad Sign.) It seems that at some point, somebody tightened something too much, which cracked the transmission case. Fixing that entails getting a new transmission case, taking the current transmission case (which contains the transmission) out of the car, taking the transmission out of the old case, putting it in the new case, and then putting the new case (and the transmission) back in the car. It also entails me giving them around $2500, which is right around what the car is probably worth on a good day.

(Aside: somebody needs to smack the Kelly Blue Book web site people with the clue stick. Let me put in the damn car info once, then show me all the various types of prices. Idjits.)

Unsurprisingly, I just went for the hand-brake fix. Getting that finished up took another 45 minutes, and then I grabbed some lunch and went home. Spent the afternoon catching up on stuff around the house. Picked up TheChild around 5:30pm, and went out to grab a bite of dinner. Back home for some playtime, and an unexpected bath, before bed.

TheWife rolled back in from her overnight trip around 10pm, and we caught up for a bit before turning in.