17 may 2005

I’m told the Diarrheal Apocalypse continues, but I’ve managed to avoid personally witnessing any of it. TheChild is still staying home from school, still in good spirits, and still periodically producing vile Lovecraftian horrors from her nether regions, which TheWife heroically dispatches with the aid of some rubber gloves, a spray bottle of dilute Clorox bleach, and a flamethrower.

Speaking of vile Lovecraftian horrors, I tackled the FTP log rotation and analysis system at work today. Actually, first I did a review, of sorts, and had a team meeting, and came very close to throwing something at an interrupting co-worker – but eventually, I got around to fixing the FTP log rotation and analysis system. Well, the rotation half, anyway; the analysis part is planned but not yet implemented.

(For those of you wondering, no, my job really doesn’t deal with logs as much as it seems like it does. Well, okay, yes, actually, it does – but the in the last several weeks I’ve been reworking our FTP and web server logging systems to accommodate several new servers, some of which are located far away, networkologically speaking, behind high firewalls, which require some complicated handshaking to get through – so I’ve been doing the sysadmin/programmer equivalent of crossing my eyes, sticking my tongue out, and trying the thread a particularly difficult needle. Once I finish the FTP analysis crap (I <heart> Class::DBI plus SQLite…), I can hopefully get back to something a bit more interesting, like sticking every file I’m responsible for in CfEngine or going to meetings or something.)